Train On-Line

HazmatU is an e-learning program that was created to ensure employees and students in the automotive industry have a clear and accurate understanding of HazMat (Hazardous Materials) shipping regulations. Our program helps dealerships and facilities prevent violations and create a safer and healthier work environment for employees.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) strictly regulates the transportation of hazardous materials. DOT regulations require you to receive both INITIAL (within 90 days) and RECURRING (minimum of every 3 years) training if you, or your employees:

  • Load, unload, or handle hazardous materials
  • Design, manufacture, fabricate, inspect, mark, maintain, recondition, repair, or test a package, container or packaging component that is represented, marked, certified, or sold as qualified for use in transporting hazardous materials
  • Prepare hazardous materials for transportation
  • Are responsible for hazardous materials transportation safety, or
  • Operate a vehicle used to transport hazardous materials
  • HazmatU will help you fulfill the DOT’s Hazardous Materials Training requirements. It will also keep you up to date with the many changes to these regulations.

Why is HazmatU Critical to Your Dealership?