When you purchase CCAR HazmatU Training, you will be provided access to the course for a full year!
You can train any number of your employees at your facility for just $299 per year.

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After you’ve enrolled, you will receive a Unique AccountID and Password that will enable you to access the system initially. You will then be prompted to create your own unique password.

Employees that are assigned to the Administrator (or PowerUser) function may enroll additional persons in the training course, view reports, grades and certificates.

The Learning Management System will track your progress throughout the courses, maintain your training records and issue a Certificate of Completion for those persons that successfully complete the course material and receive at least 80% on the comprehensive exam.

You, and your employees, may take the course as many times as you like during the enrollment period. Courses will be reviewed and updated periodically throughout the year so you will always receive the most current information. You may also access any of the resources, supplementary training materials and course literature at any time during the enrollment period.

Within 30 days of the expiration of your subscription, the Administrator will receive a notification by e-mail that your course subscription will expire. If the account has expired after one year, you may still activate your account at any time – all of the data will retrieved from the archives automatically!